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Blog translation ^^ [Apr. 18th, 2010|12:40 pm]


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Not much activity in this community, right? -.-"

Anyway, I was bored last night and tried to translate misono's latest blog entry. I'm not so good in Japanese yet, and English isn't my native language, so feel free to correct me if I made mistakes ^^"

2010-04-15 16:45:07

With you one year passed like a moment
Since then, although it's just a month, it seems so, so long

To give up is said to be an easy thing, but actually it's hard to do
I was told "put an end to it and you'll be happy" but I'm suffering now

You're not with me anymore, but even now I need you the most

In the end I cried
Even in the end, you were so gentle

Although I couldn't hate you on that day
At least I wanted to make you hate me

This time I'll choose a guy who's the extact opposite of you
Or will I choose a guy who's like you again?

I'm trying to forget you, but I just can't wipe you away from my heart

In the end you were smiling
Only in the end I was confused

I want to be loved the same as you loved me
No, I want you to love me exactly the same you did
But we don't have a future anymore

"I'll put an end to this, so tell me!
This is the end, so listen to me!"

"My last wish
Hey, listen to me!
...these were my last words for you

Altough one day you'll love somebody else
Altough I'll love a guy who isn't you

I'm sure that in the end the one I'll think of
The one I'll want to be my side is

If I'd put my unsent messages in order, it would be (A melody -> B melody -> instrumental -> D melody -> last instrumental.) [*]

There was a lot of lyrics I wanted to write (but I couldn't).
It would be nice to publish poems in this new blog,

(and it would be nice to collect them into a book)
this is chapter 1!

If you tell me what you think, I'll try to make a song of it, and maybe,
it will reach for every one of you.

The title,
"It's like a shooting star",
I mean, "It shines for a moment before the end"...

You know, before it burns out and dies, it shines brightly for once,
and in one's heart love will continue to shine!

Now I have a lot of things to do,
But if I complete a job, suddenly I feel like I lost something important...

(It's rather a sad way of thinking, but eventually,
I think there isn't such thing as eternity, the end will always come.)

[*] I'm not sure how to translate this. I don't really know what "sabi" means... I translated it as instrumental, but feel free to correct me! ^^"

So what do you think? Maybe I'll translate more if somebody's interested ^^